CR Power Central-West China Region Responded Quickly to Flood in Henan, Making Every Effort to Guarantee Power Supply for the People's Well-being
27-07-2021 Central-West China Region


In mid-to-late July, Henan suffered continuous heavy rainfall, which was rare in history, resulting in severe flood disaster in some areas. In response to the flood disaster and in order to guarantee power supply during the flood season, CR Power Central-West China Region established an emergency team immediately to uniformly arrange flood control and power supply work of 7 regional companies (including professional companies) and 26 power plants in Henan Province.

Regional companies set up emergency rescue teams to repair and reinforce important areas in spite of the heavy rain. They also organized personnel to carry out thorough troubleshooting for construction power supply, tower cranes, foundation pits and other areas of projects under construction. Relevant regional companies also took the initiative to assist local governments to guarantee the people's well-being. They evacuated the affected people with vehicles, supplied emergency power, and extended their regards to rescuers, making positive efforts to help in local flood control and emergency rescue.