CR Power Held the 20th Anniversary Celebration
06-09-2021 CR Power



On the morning of September 6, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of CR Power was held on the 52nd floor of China Resources Tower, Shenzhen. Wang Xiangming, Chairman of China Resources Group, Wang Chuandong, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CR Power, the company’s management team and the group’s direct managers, heads of departments, regions, directly controlled units, and employee representatives gathered together to celebrate the company's birthday. The whole celebration was broadcasted live online, and the CR Power staff across the country were immersed in the rejoicing atmosphere online.

Themed on "Twenty, in the Age of Youth and for a Better Future", the celebration went through the following activities like speeches by leadership, awarding of commemorative medal for 20 years of service, speeches by employee representatives, and sharing of celebration cakes. Chairman Wang Xiangming presented commemorative medals to the employee representatives who had been working in CR Power for 20 years. Chairman Wang Chuandong and President Tang Yong of CR Power delivered celebration speeches respectively, and Vice Chairman Zhang Junzheng of CR Power Board presided over the event.

Chairman Wang Chuandong recognized CR Power's 20-year journey and emphasized that at the threshold of new journey in the context of "14th Five-Year Plan" CR Power should reshape its value based on the fulfillment of the new mission; to reshape its business based on implementing new plans; to reshape its organization based on boosting new changes; to reshape its spirit based on breaking new ground. At the same time, we must hold high the leading banner of party building, cast the undertaking of CR Power into the glorious cause of the party, and act based on the goal of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality", compete bravely for the new track of energy transition, and go all out to strive for development, promote reforms in the spirit of solidarity, hold on to seek innovation, step up to the responsibilities and missions of the new era, and stay resolved to be a pioneer in state-owned enterprises for high-quality development.

President Tang Yong guided all to look back into CR Power’s 20 years of hard work and struggle, and said that in the face of new opportunities and challenges, the company must adapt to the times and take the initiative to undertake the new national energy strategy; stay resolved to complete the four reshapes; under the strong leadership of the group party committee and the company's board of directors, pool wide-ranging resources to go all out to seek development in all respects, and continuously improve our ability in resource acquisition, project construction and operation, and leadership of cadres, to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives in the context of "14th Five-Year Plan"; adhere to innovation-driven development, actively carry out scientific and technological innovation, increase the efforts in research and development and application of new technologies, cultivate new growth drivers, and push the company for high-quality sustainable development.

In the future, CR Power will continue to work hard and face up to difficulties and never give in and make new efforts to build a century-old China Resources, to realize the Chinese Dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and to become a world-class clean energy supplier and integrated energy service provider!