CR Power Held the Semi-Annual Work Meeting of the Year 2021
27-07-2021 CR Power



On July 26, CR Power held the semi-annual work meeting of the year 2021 in Wuhan with the theme of "Implementing Changes and Gathering Advantages to Start a New Journey". At the meeting, CR Power reviewed the working achievements of the first half of the year, carried out summary and reflection, analysis and evaluation, and deployed the goals and tasks for the second half of the year. More than 120 people, including President Tang Yong and other management team members of CR Power, direct managers of China Resources Group, as well as relevant responsible persons of departments, offices, regions, directly affiliated units and regional companies, attended the meeting on site or via video, and related personnel of Strategic Management Department of China Resources Group were present by invitation. Zhang Junzheng - Vice Chairman of the Board of CR Power, and Liu Xiusheng - Vice President of CR Power, respectively presided over the meeting, and Zhang Junzheng made an introductory speech.

President Tang Yong made the semi-annual work report of the year of 2021, reviewing the major operating results, summarizing the key work in the first half of the year from the aspects of party building, organization, development, construction, operation and innovation, making a comment on the work of each region and analyzing the industry trends. In the first half of the year, the company comprehensively strengthened its ideological and political construction, made solid progress in the learning and education of Party history, stressed the political supervision and daily supervision, made steady progress in optimizing the organization and sorting out rights and responsibilities, intensified development efforts, enhanced cooperation between local governments and enterprises and cooperation in the industrial chain, speeded up the construction schedule, made big operation management stronger, explored ways to promote innovation and transformation, so that the functional work in all aspects steadily advanced. While affirming the performance, Mr. Tang also pointed out the existing problems and gaps in the current work, and proposed to implement the intention of organizational optimization, comprehensively strengthen capacity building, and explore the mode and path of high-quality transformation and sustainable development of CR Power. He also proposed that the company should change its way of thinking, base itself, make a scientific overall planning to promote development, grasp the window period of industry transformation and policy opportunity period, analyze and discuss the promotion of new merger and acquisition mode, and drive the business in comprehensive energy such as hydrogen energy more quickly.

Mr. Tang pointed out that the development of the industry and the market-oriented change are deep and complex, so everyone should always stay awake, be positive, and try to finish the work for the second half of the year as best as possible. The company should continue to achieve solid progress in the learning and education of Party history, promote the integration of Party building and strategic innovation, and stimulate organizational effectiveness. The company should strengthen its development capacity building, take multiple measures to improve its resource acquisition capability, adhere to the concept of "Construction is Operation", and strengthen the whole process control of construction. It should make equipment management five-year plan, enhance its comprehensive cost control ability, actively respond to the complex and volatile market environment, also should perfect its fuel control system, implement plan management and match reasonable inventory strategy. It should continuously strengthen the construction of marketing organization ability, customer management ability and trading capacity. It should attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the implementation of scientific and technological innovation projects, consider medium-long term plan planning, and create a good atmosphere for scientific research. It should actively promote the comprehensive energy service layout, formulate the digitized planning for the period of the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan”, optimize the organizational evaluation mode, and promote the full implementation of manager tenure system and contracting management. In addition, it should also strengthen EHS management and control, strictly control risks, and consolidate the construction of a large supervision system, and carry out in-depth special rectification of the problems such as "misuse enterprise resources".

At the meeting, the company's Thinking Adjustment & Rights and Liabilities Optimization Plan of the evaluation and incentive policy was released, the semi-annual data analysis report of the approval process of the information system was made, typical audit problems and corresponding rectifications were reported to match the world-class management improvement, and a CR Power signing ceremony was held for the tenure system and contracting management of managers & the 2021 annual performance contract.

In the next step, CR Power will actively respond to calls of President Tang Yong in this semi-annual meeting and promptly implement the corresponding deployment. Units at all levels should ensure that they are proactive in organizational change, reshape the management system and working mechanism, and release organizational effectiveness; Managers and employees at all levels should remain sensitive to changes and be ready to adjust the approach when necessary, tackle the difficulties head on, keep the original entrepreneurial aspiration, rekindle the passion for struggle, dare to challenge themselves and make new achievements. Everyone should make concerted efforts to build a world-class clean energy enterprise with global competitiveness with a clearer mind, more confidence, more vigour and more passion.