CR Power's First Floating Marine Anemometer Tower Successfully Put into Operation
31-03-2021 Guangxi Company

The Control Tower of Beihai Aids to Navigation Department of Southern Navigation Service Center confirmed at 19:00 on March 29 that 8# Marine Anemometer Tower of CR Power in Qinzhou, Guangxi was successfully put into operation, marking the beginning of a new stage of CR Power's offshore wind power business in Guangxi.

Located in Beibu Gulf, about 104 km from the coastline, the tower is one of the 12 early-stage wind measurement projects for offshore wind power in Beibu Gulf overall planned by Guangxi Development and Reform Commission and also CR Power's first anemometer tower using the offshore floating LiDAR technology route. Putting the tower into operation will help CR Power further understand the offshore wind power situation in Beibu Gulf and acquire subsequent resources.

With this success as a starting point, CR Power Guangxi Company will actively advance offshore wind power business and build the "Beibu Gulf Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project"; in the meantime, it will cooperate with the local government in bringing in wind turbine manufacturers, help the region develop the "seaward economy", and contribute China Resources' part in Guangxi's achievement of the goals of "peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality" at an early date.